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January Newsletter

Updated: Apr 6

Library Monthly

HIstorical Fiction (Light Blue)- A fictional story that has a setting and possibly character(s) that are real from a certain time in history.

400's Nonfiction- Dictionaries, Grammar books, Foreign Languages, Sign Language

Avi - He was given that nickname by his twin sister and it stuck for the rest of his life. He made bad grades in high school, but was inspired by an English teacher he had to begin writing. He loves to talk to students about having a learning disability and how he overcame the stigmas that went along with that.

Quote of the Month: "The door to success is labeled push." Oscar Wilde - Irish poet & author

Tech Corner

Log on to K12 summit to read some nonfiction books or learn Spanish by playing games!!

Dates to remember

National Thank You Month

Brainteaser Month

International Creativity Month

Vote for Texas Bluebonnet Month

1/1 Happy New Year 2020

1/6 No School

1/10 PTO Meeting @ 8am

1/16 Report Cards on Skyward

1/16 4th grade field trip

1/20 No School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

1/23 Board Meeting @ 6:30 pm

1/24 Fundraiser Party

1/29 Progress Reports on Skyward

1/30 FLC Spelling Bee @ 1:30 pm

1/30 Final day to for Texas Bluebonnet book

Books About Winter

William's winter nap by Linda Ashman ; pictures by Chuck Groenink.

On a cold winter night, William settles into bed but is soon interrupted by a series of animals knocking on his door looking for a cozy place to sleep for the winter.

Princess Luna and the festival of the winter moon by G.M. Berrow. (Series: My little pony)

"Princess Luna, the guardian of the night, peacefully rules over Equestria alongside her big sister. When the Cutie Mark Crusaders suggest she should have a holiday as equally prestigious as Celestia's Summer Sun Celebration, she declines. [But] when she realizes Celestia is orchestrating a surprise festival in her honor, she decides to have some fun and take matters into her own hooves"--Back cover.

Starring Sally J. Freedman as herself by Judy Blume.

While spending the winter of 1947-48 in Miami Beach with her family, ten-year-old Sally makes up stories, casts herself in starring roles in movies, and encounters a sinister stranger. Days of the blackbird : a tale of northern Italy Tomie dePaola.

At the request of a kind duke's loving daughter, La Colomba, a pure white bird, braves the bitter winter of the northern Italian mountains to sing for the gravely ill man.

Winter at Valley Forge by Matt Doeden , illustrated by Ron Frenz and Charles Barnett III.

Story of American patriot troops during the Revolutionary War while wintering at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.