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December Newsletter

Library Monthly

Humor (Funny) Fiction (light green label)- A story written to make the reader laugh.

300's Nonfiction- Transportation, Government, Education,Law, Folktales, Holidays, Money,Recycling, Family

Dav Pilkey - Dav had a great sense of humor as a child, but often it would get him into trouble!Dav loved writing comics as a child. Many of his characters like Captain Underpants and Diaper Man were his childhood comic characters. His English teacher discovered his cartoon drawings and suggested he write children’s books. The rest is history!

Quote of the Month: "Yesterday has gone. Tomorrow has not come. We only have today. Let us begin." Mother Teresa - Missionary & Humanitarian

Tech Corner

Log on to K12 summit to read some nonfiction books or learn spanish by playing games!!

Dates to remember

Read a New Book Month

Write a Letter to a Friend Month

12/1 Sherlock Holmes Day

12/3 Winter Follies Auditions 3:15-5:15, in gym

12/7 National Letter Writing day

12/9-13 BUY ONE GET ONE FREE book fair!!!!

12/10 Dewey Decimal System day

12/16 Jane Austen's birthday

12/19 Fulton's Winter Follies talent show 8:30-9:30am, in the gym

12/21 National Short Story day

12/23-1/6 No School

Books About The Holidays

Merry fairy holidays by Le Quesne, Pippa.

Contains three holiday Flower Fairy stories featuring the Christmas Tree Fairy, Snowdrop Fairy, and Holly Fairy.

Auntie Claus, home for the holidays by Primavera, Elise. When Sophie is cast as the Sugar Plum Fairy in her school's performance of the Nutcracker, her Auntie Claus forgoes her usual fall business trip and transforms New York City into the North Pole, with some unpleasant consequences.

Winter lights : a season in poems & quilts by Anna Grossnickle Hines. A collection of poems which celebrate the lights and holidays of winter, illustrated with photographs of quilts. Christmas and Hanukkah origami by Ruth Owen. Introduces the art of origami, offers general tips for success, and presents step-by-step instructions for completing a Christmas tree, a Santa Claus, a Christmas card, a menorah, a dreidel, and a Star of David.