• J.Manning


We want to shout out to all those that donated to our library!! Below is just a few of the donors that contributed, we can not begin to express how greatly we appreciate your generosity.

Aransas County Rotary Club

Jimmy & Mitchell Simmons

Gumdrop Books

Mackin Educational Resources

Ann H. Vyoral

Rasco Middle School

Indian Riffle elementary School

Encino Park Elementary

North Central Texas Academy

Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church

Annie Purl Elementary

Southern Methodist University

Tiffany Flores

Carrie Wittliff

Donna Garcia

Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary

Carol R. Gardner

O'Henry Middle School

La Vernia Intermediate School

Goliad Elementary School

Walnut Grove Elementary School

Gillespie County Retired Teachers Association

Childress Elementary

ALL those who sent us books from our Amazon Wish List (not all the gift notes had names)

**If we did not list you we are very sorry there were so many donations we tried very hard to keep track of them all.