• J.Manning

Gregor the Overlander

Collins, S. (2003). Gregor the Overlander. New York: Scholastic.

Staring off like Alice in Wonderland I was not at all prepared to be as interested in the book as I became. I couldn't put it down, once their quest to free his father began. So rewinding back to the beginning, Gregor and his little sister fall through an air vent in their building's laundry room. They are taken by "crawlers" to the underlanders, people who have lived underground for centuries. Gregor then finds out that he is the Warrior that will fulfill an old prophecy that will defeat the rats. So on a quest they go to gather flyers, crawlers, spinners, and a rat to fight and free his father, who disappeared years before. They experience the death of friends and enemies, but in the end all they have is each other.

I loved this book and have already downloaded the next one in the series. I would recommend this book for your boys. It has action and paints a vivid picture through the text.

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